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Gajjar Compressors Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of Screw / Reciprocating Piston type, air cooled and water cooled, lubricated and non lubricated compressors in single or multistage construction for pressure upto 70 kg / cm2 (1000 psig ).

The Company is committed to achieve the highest standards in engineering excellence by introducing and marketing superior quality products with international manufacturing standards.


Welcome to the world of Quality Air Compressors !

Gajjar Air Compressor is glad to introduce itself as one of the leading air compressors manufacturers in India. Our aim is to design, develop and manufacture air compressors of the extreme quality that has features like robustness, sustainability, durability and efficiency.

What’s different at Gajjar Air Compressors?

Although there are many air compressors manufacturers in India, we are not saying we are different, but our approach towards developing sustainable and durable yet efficient products is totally different to that of traditional manufacturers. Unlike other manufacturers at domestic and in some cases at international level, we believe in putting customer first rather putting ourselves when it comes to earn the returns on investment. Our manufacturing process has been designed in such a logical and scientific way that it helps us minimize our development cost and greater returns on investments to both our investors and customers as well.

Air Compressors for everyone !

We manufacture air compressors for everyone! Be it your need of industrial multiphase high capacity air compressors or be it your need of a small and simple single phase one, we manufacture everything! Our high quality range includes Reciprocating Piston, Lubricated and Non Lubricated Water Cooled, Screw Compressors, Reciprocating Dry Vacuum Pumps, Oil Free Dental Compressor, Air Dryer, Auto Drain Valves, Air Receivers and other air compressors accessories. s

Testing and Certification

We believe in Quality. Our quality process is fully protected under strict testing and security monitoring process. Our products are made safe and secured and are thoroughly tested and certified under expert monitoring of industry specialists.

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Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors Lubricated and Nonlubricated Water Cooled air compressor Screw Compressors
Reciprocating Dry Vacuum Pumps Oil Free Dental Compressor Air Dryer
Auto Drain Valves Air Receivers Air Compressor Spare Parts
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