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Air Compressors
Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor   l   Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor   l   Multi Stage High Pressure Compressor
  Distinctive Features :
Crankshaft :

Ovehung crankshaft, with replacebale crankpin bush made from special steel material, is precision-ground and runs with minimum vibration. The crankshaft is balanced and rotates on two / three ball bearings.

Precisely machined, one - piece connecting rod with solid end construction does not require adjustment. Integral splash lubrication.
Connecting Rod:
Cylinders are made from special cast iron material with deep radial fins on the outer side for quick heat dissipation. Each cylinder is separately cast, precision bored and honed for smooth running.

Stainless steel finger valves are heat - treated, quick acting. Concentric ring valve plates and springs are made from high quality steel material, having large flow area for longer valve life and better performance. Easy for removal and servicing.
Valve :
Equalized and balanced pistons are made from aluminum / cast iron material. Each piston has compression ring and oil control rings for optimum efficiency.

Standard Accessories
(Receiver Mounted Compressor)

Optional Accessories :
  • Safety Valve
  • Service Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Pressure Control Switch
  • V-Belt
  • Belt Guard
  • Motor Pulley
  • Motor Slide Rail
  • Drive - Electric Motor / Engine Driven
  • Regulation - Constant Speed / Dual Control
  • Base Plate Mounted Compressor
  • Air Dryer - Refrigerated / Heatless
  • Automatic Condensate Drain Valve
  • Online Filters, Electric Starter
  • Air / Water Cooled After Coolers
  • Vertical Air Receiver
Conversion : 1 cfm = 28.32 litre / min 1 cfm = 0.0283m3 / min
  1m3 / min = 35.31 cfm 1 kg / cm2 = 14.22 psig
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