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Reciprocating Vacuum Pump

Another product from our vast range of high-precision vacuum pumps is the reciprocating vacuum pump. Reciprocating vacuum pump is used to discharge a low volume of liquid at high pressure. The liquid is collected in an enclosure/cavity and a plunger or piston creates a positive displacement in the cavity to discharge the liquid at a high pressure.

Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps are useful in paper handling, Liquid transfer, vacuum foarming, food processing, sugar factory, food impregnation, hospitals & dental clinics, laboratories, dairies, chemical industry, etc.

Reciprocating Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Model No. Motor (HP) No. of PISTON Piston Displacement (CFM) Vacuum (Hg) (INCH)
GC-285V/VT 2.0 2 17.4 / 8.7 29.0 / 29.6
GC-294V/T 3.0 2 31.0 / 15.5 29.0 / 29.6
GC-305V/VT 5.0 2 52.0 / 26.0 29.0 / 29.6
GC-57V/VT 7.5 2 88.0 / 44.0 29.0 / 29.6
GC-65V/VT 10.0 3 132.0 / 88.0 29.0 / 29.6

Key Benefits

  • Long Life
  • Efficient cooling of pumps leading to superior performance and energy efficiency
  • Simple and easily available components, hence low maintenance costs in the long run
  • Excellent safety features


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